Hi, first off, if for some odd reason you're discussing this, hm, musical project in the real world, we pronounce it as something like "Leh-sof-ka and Froynd".

Some background explanation might be helpful maybe... this is the name we give the ensemble that is 95% Linda (Lejsovka) and I (Kit Freund) and 5% some friends lending their talents. Linda and I used to record as "Trouble Books", maybe that's of interest. We live in Akron.


MIE Music is releasing Music for Small Ensemble and Computer, a 2xLP of our DIY shitty classical tunes in May. We use piano, strings, woodwinds, synthesizers, and voice to make some sounds and then see how they interact with computer patches. A blend of 20th century modernism and 21st century home recording exploration.


Here's a big photo of us that's kinda out-of-focus and goofy

Here's a pdf zine discussing the tunes on the album

Here's our soundcloud where you can listen to a handful of tunes and some mixes I made

And twitter

And instagram

oh and you can email me at kfreund1@gmail.com


And a couple videos our friend Gabe made:

OK, I think that's everything!