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Overseas orders are shipped "International First Class" and domestic orders are shipped "Media Mail". Email us for other shipping options.

Keep in mind, we are 2 people going to the post office on our lunch breaks to mail records that are at least partially hand-packaged. Please be patient

For any other questions or hints/tips, send us an email.
barkandhiss (at) yahoo (dot) com


New: MP3s and FLAC files are available in our donation-based digital archive

Lejsovka & Freund - Mold on Canvas LP

Clear vinyl w/ sewn, xeroxed booklet in screenprinted jackets.

Edition of 100

Now shipping


we are out of stock BUT

final few copies available worldwide from MIE Music.

Trouble Books - Love at Dusk LP

Our fourth full-length album.

Piano, synthesizer, guitar, drum machine, bass, static, and voice.

Artwork by Jacob Feige, mastered by James Plotkin.

As always, limited edition of vinyl w/ download code.


We are (I think temporarily) out of stock, but the LP is still available worldwide from MIE Music, so try there for now

Gabe Schray - Corrected Follies LP

Excited to get the chance to properly share Gabe's amazing work with everyone. He's been putting out super limited CD-Rs pretty much every year, and a few of us here in Akron and Cleveland usually get a chance to grab a copy before he loses the master and lets the whole thing disappear. Now we've managed to find a dozen highlights from those albums and get them mastered and onto a nice limited edition LP. 

It's kinda tough to describe Gabe's instrumentals, since they exist outside of any current trends... a bit of King Tubby style dub + 80's Sakamoto synth-pop... sometimes it makes me think of Tortoise as teenagers, if that makes any sense at all. Coooool