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All records, books, compact discs, and cassettes are in very limited editions. Some things we make less than 10 copies of, some we make a few hundred copies of. So, if something looks nice, you should probably order it soon.

Overseas orders are shipped "International First Class" and domestic orders are shipped "Media Mail". Email us for other shipping options.

Keep in mind, we are 2 people going to the post office on our lunch breaks to mail records that are at least partially hand-packaged. Please be patient

For any other questions or hints/tips, send us an email.
barkandhiss (at) yahoo (dot) com


New: MP3s and FLAC files are available in our donation-based digital archive


Trouble Books - Love at Dusk LP

Our fourth full-length album.

Piano, synthesizer, guitar, drum machine, bass, static, and voice.

Artwork by Jacob Feige, mastered by James Plotkin.

As always, limited edition of vinyl w/ download code.



US and Canada only please, available worldwide from MIE Music.



"Pointless Grove" 

Gabe Schray - Corrected Follies LP

Excited to get the chance to properly share Gabe's amazing work with everyone. He's been putting out super limited CD-Rs pretty much every year, and a few of us here in Akron and Cleveland usually get a chance to grab a copy before he loses the master and lets the whole thing disappear. Now we've managed to find a dozen highlights from those albums and get them mastered and onto a nice limited edition LP. 

It's kinda tough to describe Gabe's instrumentals, since they exist outside of any current trends... a bit of King Tubby style dub + 80's Sakamoto synth-pop... sometimes it makes me think of Tortoise as teenagers, if that makes any sense at all. Coooool