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Overseas orders are shipped "International First Class" and domestic orders are shipped "Media Mail". Email us for other shipping options.

Keep in mind, we are 2 people going to the post office on our lunch breaks to mail records that are at least partially hand-packaged. Please be patient

For any other questions or hints/tips, send us an email.
barkandhiss (at) yahoo (dot) com


New: MP3s and FLAC files are available in our donation-based digital archive

Lejsovka & Freund - Fatal Strategies LP

Second album of homemade classical for drinking cheap wine and reading through the news on your computer.

Comes on transparent vinyl in screen-printed sleeves, with a xeroxed score.

(limited to 100 copies)

we are out of copies, BUT I think there are a few remaining via MIE Music

Original Soundtrack - In Defense of Plaid CS

Very gentle guitar and bass pieces by two ex-members of instrumental group the Six Parts Seven. Perfect for lying on the couch thinking through a 6 pm sunset.

Very limited cassette

sold out

whyouarei - child's eyes CS

Fractured blend of violin and musique concrete compositions by recent Oberlin Conservatory grad Yuri Popowycz. Very cool, strange, and beautiful environment to explore while you're stuck someplace dull in real life.

Very limited cassette

sold out