New 5.16.13- "SUMMERSTRAINS" EP, out now! ltd. CDr/digi on BIG DATA 


"Superstorms" 2012- All sounds guitar, bass, rhodes, nord modular. Peaked interfaces + computer. Mastered by James Plotkin. Art by Jeremy Bible

Ltd Edition LP + digi


AGB "Drone Album of the Year"

Anti-Gravity Bunny

Olive Music 

A Closer Listen

Ad Hoc


"Iowa Endgame" 2012- Cello, guitar, DSI Mopho. Assembled in room 310 at the Valley West Inn in West Des Moines 7/15-7/28/12, art by KF.


c22- SOLD OUT, download and listen here


"Summerstrains" 2013- Further destroyed remixes of "Superstorms" LP and "Iowa Endgame" EP.

Ltd. CDr in 7" sleeve w/photo here







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