In 2011, we released a record called "Songs for Boats". We had been working on it since 2009 and we were very proud of it. In many ways, "Boats" was the end of a large thought in Talons'. It was originally to be the third EP in a series (along with "Pandemia" and "Dubai") but it was expanded to a full album as our interest in the end of the world grew and, as the world approached its purported end. After "Boats", we moved to Chicago and our lives changed greatly. We had left our musical community in Ohio as well as the space that non-city living allowed. More than that though, I guess I felt like I said what I wanted to say with the band. I wrote a song called "The last song" and got ready to record it, considered playing it live during our few Chicago shows but didn't. It felt true though. I was thinking a lot and still felt like I needed to say something but it had gotten much harder. I turned 30 and it seemed like with each year, the truths and wrongs that were so true to me in my 20s had gotten less and less clear. I still felt like so much was wrong with the world but it was too complicated to articulate, I guess. I also felt less sure about singing personal music as it is complicating for your own life to air your weaknesses, fears and faults. So that is where it stood for 2 years, at least. I started building instruments and modifying keyboards. I made ambient music under other names and made a long non-song record called "MIDI Pillow" but I could not write a song.

Then, somehow something changed. I was assistant managing the bakery at a Whole Foods and it was eating up basically all of my time. My wife and I were financially stable for the first time, which was confusing. One day, I wrote a song about that weird early-30s uncertainty. Then another. Then another. 

So here we are again. It's 2016. I have been teasing new music for some time but I am going to finally start releasing it. I think I have like 20 songs and 2 hours of music built around this "After Talons'" record and it is all coming out this year. 

Thank you for continuing to listen, for your emails and continued support. I wish you and your families a Happy 2016!

-MT 1/2/16

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Talons' Expanded Discography*

2016: "Growing Up" (EP Digi), "Work Stories" (EP digi/poster), "First Songs" (5" lathe), "MIDI Pillow Versions" (8" lathe/digi/pillowcase).

2015: "New York Hardcore" (Digi Single).

2014: "MIDI Pillow" (Digi/Functional Objects), "The Plane/All that hasn't burned has drowned" (Digi), "No New Bands" (Digi/Functional Objects), "Toms" (5" lathe/no label), "Shows" (5" lathe/no label), "Lost Summer" EP (Digi/Functional Objects)

2013: "After Talons'" Demos (digi/ongoing)

2012: "Rustic Bullshit" 12" LP reissue (B&H, MIE, Simmo), Talons' "Tonal" T-Shirt CDr/DVDr (Functional Objects), "Rustic Bullshit" 10" Lathe-cut (Mono cut from original master)

2011: Talons' "Songs for Boats" CD/LP (Own Records, Positive Beat Recordings), Talons' "Lost Ships" EP, Talons' "Kamakura" MicroSD in tiny book (Fucntional Objects), "Songs for Boats" Sculpted USB (Functional Objects)

2010: Talons' "Lost Time": CD/Photo book (Powershovel Audio), Talons' "Lost Time": Self-published book (Bark & Hiss & Sons), Talons' "Pandemia": CDR/Digital

2009: Talons' "Songs for Babes": CD (Own Records), LP (B&H)  + "Songs for Boats" Demo album (MIE), "Dubai": CDr (i, absentee), "Falls' Chagrin/Talons' in HD": cs 46 (Bark & Hiss), "iBrows & Smiles": Digital 7" (Actual Archives)

2008: "Songs for Babes": LP (Bark & Hiss), "Stanhope": CDr (Accidental)

2007: "Okracoke": Cdr, "Honey Gold": CDr, "Love in the Time of Panera": CDr

2006: "Shitty Emo" 3" CDr, "Rustic Bullshit": CDr (Bark & Hiss)

2005: "Falls' Chagrin": 3"CDr

 *Everything is Sold Out except "Songs for Boats" LP at Positive Beat, "Songs for Babes" CD at Own Records, "Lost Time" at Powershovel.

Collaborations/ Other Works**:

2014: White Nights "__", "_" (Functional Objects), Rolling Acres- Blowing up the Workshop Mix (digi), Joseph Minadeo & Michael Tolan "Salt Flats" (CDr/Digi Patternbased)

2013: Trouble Books "Love at Dusk" LP (MIE), Carol Green "s/t" CDr/digi (BIG DATA), Superstorms "Summerstrains" CDr/digi (BIG DATA), Heels' "More/North Face Girl" Digi (Functional Objects), Rolling Acres "Mirror/Gate 2" (Opal Tapes/Blowing up the workshop), Functional Objects (bandcamp label), Ideal Worlds (bandcamp label), BIG DATA (bandcamp label).

2012: Trouble Books "Concatenating Fields" LP (B&H/MIE), Mike Tolan "Under the Blue Line" (Discreet Spectrum), Superstorms "s/t" LP (Experimedia), Superstorms "Iowa Endgame" cs (B&H), Rolling Acres "Tape 5" cs (B&H).

2011: Thomas Cheeseburger Windsock "'Greatest Hits' and other songs", Trouble Books & Mark McGuire "S/T" (Bark & Hiss/MIE)

2010: Trouble Books "Gathered Tones": LP/CD (Own/MIE/Bark & Hiss), Comfort Clouds "The Dinner Set": CD (B&H), Rolling Acres "Tapes 1-4": cs 8 (B&H), Moustache Mountain "Meditations": 8x CDr with 32 page photo book, Moustache Mountain "Transocean": cs 46, Accidental Music/Moustache Mountain "Sound Decisions": Self-published book + CDr

2009: Thomas Cheeseburger Windsock "Wonderlust", "All Over The World", "The Best I Can": CDRs, Forrest/Moustache Mountain "Anyteazers/Swepstone Songs": 2x 3" CDr (i, absentee/U-cover)

2008: Moustache Mountain "Ten Polaroids": DVDr (B&H), "Trivial Pursuits": Self-published book, Poisonous Snake "Ideastream": cs (unreleased), Moustache Mtn. "Last Day Ever" (Digi).

2007: Trouble Books "The United Colors of...": LP/CD (Own/MIE/B&H), Goodmorning Valentine/Six Parts Seven Split LP, Moustache Mountain "Ghost Moustache" CRr

2002-2006 (??): Trouble Books "Distortion Pedal", "A Dull Roar", "Such a Sound Sleeper", Moustache Mountain: "Wolfmoon", A Field Guide to Plants & Animals "2% MILF", "Milfman cometh!", Mangold "Man on man on Mangold", Tusco Terror "Tusco Black", "Tumor Eclipse", "Tusco Tore Up", "Forest of no relief" etc., The Six Parts Seven "Casually Smashed to Pieces", "Everywhere & Right Here", Brian Straw "Burning Sun", and others.

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