Trouble Books & Mark McGuire - s/t

1. Floating Through Summer
2. Song for Reinier Lucassen's Sphinx
3. Strelka Update
4. The Golden Waste
5. Local Forecast
6. Uploader's Destiny
7. Hoop Earrings in the Slush
8. Life in a Peaceful New World

Cover art by Jacob Feige

Recorded/assembled mostly in late 2010 - early 2011

We shared the stage with Mark (well, the living room floor) of Sam Goldberg's "Cool Ranch"  in Cleveland for a birthday party house show on an insanely hot summer 2010 night, and shortly thereafter started talking about working on a collaborative project. Because of touring schedules we didn't really get started in earnest until the early winter.

It's pretty crazy how quickly it all came together. We started trading songs that we'd done that hadn't ended up being released (Mark originally did "Floating Through Summer" for a compilation or zine that never came out, we were originally commissioned to record "Song for Reinier Lucassen's Sphinx" for an exhibition at the Groninger Museum in the Netherlands) and then progressed into writing new pieces with each other in mind. Linda and I would work on parts in the evening and then send them off to Mark who seemed to get started in the middle of the night. It was exciting to wake up for work in the morning and find new parts in the shared dropbox folder to check out. Eventually we ended up jamming out a couple of new songs together at our friend's studio in Akron.

There really wasn't any concept or aim or techniques explored for/on this beyond combining the energies of our two entities, but that seemed like enough, and it turned out pretty great I think.


Released on LP  (Bark & Hiss/WAGON) in June (first pressing, transparent red vinyl) / July 2011 (second pressing, transparent orange vinyl). Total of 500 copies. Sold Out

Japanese CD reissue on p*dis in summer 2012 with extra song "Sharing in Green" available here