LP on Bark & Hiss / MIE Music in a gatefold sleeve, edition of 300. Sold out.

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Trouble Books - Concatenating Fields

Cover art by Jacob Feige

Recorded in 2011, released in 2012.

We worked on this LP slowly over the past year, mostly in the late evenings or at night in our attic in Akron. In the past, we’d bring in quite a few friends to add parts, but this time it’s mostly just me and Linda, in an aim for simplicity and clarity. The album does contain a reworking of an old collaboration with noise legends Tusco Terror called “Posthumous Reflections on Lucky Shirt”, and we asked Mike Tolan to help out again, this time contributing bass guitar to “Dead Bee in a Golden Bowl”.

Lately the two of us have been really interested in the minimalism and abstract geometry of visual artists like Bridget Riley, Julian Stanczak, Sol LeWitt, and others. We used painter Josef Albers’s Interaction of Color book as our own sortof ‘Oblique Strategies’ to consult while plotting a direction and mixing the songs. Concatenating Fields also makes greater use of sequencers in an attempt to duplicate the precision that those artists achieved, though the varying speeds of our unstable tape recorders betrayed us somewhat and keep the whole thing sounding human and familiar.

But I don’t know, it’s not supposed to be super conceptual or anything, just a cool album of nighttime grass thoughts. haha   -KF, April 2012