Trouble Books - Endless Pool

Cover art by Nathan Bowers. Screenprinted onto blue paper taped over discarded LP sleeves.

Recorded early 2009.

This 12” is almost entirely just me on guitar and Linda on bass. Mike was studying in Spain at the time, though he still did end up adding some subtle collage-type parts and helped with mixing. We tried to keep this recording simple and not over-adorn the songs with extra colors and shapes, which is an approach I think we tend to swing back-and-forth on throughout our discography.


Anyway, half of this was “re-dos” of pieces that appeared on previous CD-Rs and half was new. At the time our “United Colors” album was getting a wider reissue on CD and we wanted to take the opportunity to sortof complete our thoughts on that drone-pop approach.


A lot of these were played live before recording, which was/is rare for us, and is possibly another reason these songs unfold so patiently.


One of my favorite releases we’ve ever done.   

Released on 12" vinyl  (Bark & Hiss/MIE Music) in April 2009.

Edition of approx. 300. Sold Out.