LP on Bark & Hiss / MIE Music on transparent green vinyl, edition of 250. Sold out.

CD available from Own Records

I'm pretty sure you can buy this on itunes etc if you'd like to download the sounds.

Trouble Books - Gathered Tones

Cover art by Jacob Feige

Recorded in 2009. Released in March 2010

Linda and I moved into an apartment in an old house with some sort of electrical problem. I couldn’t play guitar and she couldn’t play bass without getting a pretty terrible buzz coming through the amps. So instead we started borrowing synthesizers from a friend of ours as we put together this album, which worked out well because we were really into the idea of abstracting the sound sources as much as possible. We were listening to a lot of Black Dice (particularly “Creature Comforts”) and things like that where the original “instrument” or whatever is heavily manipulated and effected into something new and unidentifiable. We wanted to get pure sound or tones or noises with rather dry singing on top. I think “Night Indoors” is a particularly good example of what we were going for.


I wanted this album to be “about” my walk to work I would take every morning both lyrically (“Past the New Parking Deck” in the most literal sense) and in feeling. Those early mornings walking east into the sunrise through beautiful trees in a rather run-down neighborhood, arriving downtown to work in a beautiful glass building.


Oh and this album was going to be called “Zero Annihilation” but Linda rightfully thought that was dumb. -KF