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Trouble Books - Love at Dusk

Cover art by Jacob Feige

Recorded 2012 - 2013, released 2013.

I feel like this record needs more of an explanation than previous efforts, but to be honest we're still sort of figuring it out ourselves. Typically, we approach writing and recording with a notebook full of artistic ideas and goals and then work them out in the songs, allowing our environment and current living situation to color the work, but in a controlled way within the guidelines we set. This time, life got rather chaotic and messy and I can't really tell you "this is what the album is trying to do", and instead probably need to just say "this is what happened".

'Love at Dusk' was written and recorded during Linda's pregnancy and in the few months just after the birth of our daughter ("Chiaroscuro" actually in the couple evening hours between a peaceful dinner and rushing to the hospital). It's definitely not an album about a baby or becoming parents, I don't think we know how to or what to fit that into this project, but instead ended up being a portrait of the two of us clinging to each other throughout a tumultuous, difficult, and exciting time of change.

A friend said that the album has periods of being very "lush and beautiful", but punctuated with frequent "sonic and lyrical apocalypses", which I think describes our new record and our past year pretty well.

- KF, November 2013