(U.S. cover)

(U.K. cover)

Trouble Books - The United Colors of Trouble Books

Cover art by Debra Degregorio & KF. Screenprinted onto inverted discarded LP sleeves.

Mostly recorded late 2007. 

We’d already done a handful of small-run CD-Rs over the previous couple years, but this was the first time we really focused on, I don’t know, a “proper album” I guess, as dumb as that sounds. Mostly it was Linda on bass and me and Mike on guitars and effects pedals. We didn’t have any synthesizers then, and even the fx were just basic delays and loopers. A bunch of other friends stopped by our house and added additional guitar, violin, saxophone, singing, etc…. usually just fiddling around in key for me to edit down later.


Probably half of the super-sleepy vibe of this album comes from Linda and I wandering around the Black Forest in Germany (the album cover features a typical Swartzwald house) on a rather inspiring vacation, though a lot of the sound is definitely due to junky equipment and rather naïve home recording techniques.


I’d inherited some money so I used it to go to grad school and used the extra $2k to fund pressing this and Talons’ “Songs for Babes” on vinyl. There wasn’t enough for proper sleeve printing, so we did that all ourselves. A website called Hard Format did a small feature on our homemade packaging which you can check out here: http://www.hardformat.org/4464/mie-records/

Released on vinyl (Bark & Hiss/MIE Music) in 2008. 

Edition of 300 (200 U.S., 100 U.K.)  Sold out.

A CD version was released by Own Records in 2009 and is still available through them.